XpressRules PolicyBuilder

Rule Sets


  • 27Sep17 Demo
  • ABAC Selections
  • ABAC Template
  • AllDoAllToAll
  • Allow All for a Day in June
  • Allow Sponsor to Edit
  • AllowAllJuneJuly
  • AlphaList Resources
  • AuditorOneMonth
  • AuditorReleaseData
  • BoardMemberForward
  • CiscoGuyRule
  • Designated Proxy Reproduce SA
  • Employee BH Privacy
  • Investigator Read Sponsor Data
  • Investigator Release TMF Plan
  • Officer Release SA Info
  • Official Read SA Treatment Info
  • Overbooking Policy
  • PharmaSciRelease
  • PI copy Plan
  • PI do Anything She Wants
  • PI Forward Core Docs
  • Pick All Attributes
  • Qual Manager of Research Release
  • Qual Mgr or Pharma forward
  • Quality Manager Do All to All
  • Researcher Release Lab Cert
  • Researcher Reviewer Read Release
  • Scientist Read One Day Only
  • ScientistForwardTMFPlan
  • Staffer May Scan-and-Forward
  • TMF Plan Only
  • Type your rule's name


  • Controller No Copy
  • Disallow Advocate or Sponsor to delete or edit anything
  • Disallow Research Tech to edit anything
  • Investigator Forward
  • Investigator No Forward
  • LeanProhibition-3
  • Lilly rule
  • Proxy no copy
  • Researcher Release


  • Per BSA regulations, forward transaction audit report if this ATM is independently owned
  • EHC file HIPAA-compliant break-the-glass report
  • Treatment center retain ATNA-compliant record of each EHR access
  • Treatment center notify patient of each EHR access


  1. Drag your rules here

1. Browse through the stored rules under each Rule Set: permissions, prohibitions, and obligations
2. In any order, drag a rule into the Policy box.
3. After you have selected the rules for your policy, drag them into the order you wish.

For Use Under U.S. Patent No. 8,532,978